AppExchange Listing Tips & Best Practices

Search Algorithm Pillars

AppExchange is often compared to Google and I'll admit, I've said it many times. It is similar in some ways but, vastly different in others.

Salesforce breaks down what's behind their search algorithm into four pillars:

AppExchange Search Algorithm Relevance
AppExchange Search Algorithm Engagement
AppExchange Search Algorithm Experience
AppExchange Search Algorithm Machine Learning

Keywords, Quality & Category

The first pillar is focused on content added to the various fields in a listing. Salesforce gives good basic tips to help find the right keywords using the search bar or Google Keyword Planner.

The challenge is that's what every partner does which leads to very generic descriptions across many listings.  

It always comes down to messaging and typically partners & agencies overcomplicate this.

In my assessments, I tell everyone the same thing; I don't care what you think you do, I care what you actually sell. Look at current customers and what product or service they paid for. Your main GTM is the one which represents the most logos you have to-date.

Everyone has a keyword stuffing problem which will negatively impact you come Machine Learning time. One of the first things I do is search for the words 'Salesforce' & company/product name. 

Categories do not impact the algorithm as it's just a way for visitors to find what they are looking for in an easier way.


Every listing measures interactions based on # of clicks; Screenshots, Resources, Videos, Watch a Demo etc. The more visitors engage with actual clicks, improves overall search performance.

The highest valued interactions are CTA's provided by Salesforce. Whether its Watch a Demo for ISVs or Learn More for SIs, enable them. SIs should use the lead capture and not forward visitors to a website.

When it comes to screenshots, one tip is do not put a video as the first screenshot. Its  user experience plain and simple. Why make visitors click 2-3 times (most won't) and you can't auto play.


Partnership, reviews and updates. Get those badges (1% Pledge, 100% Native etc.). If your listing is missing badges, check the package options in the partner portal or file a support ticket. Like and comment on every review. Last but not least, update your package.


The secret part of search sauce. Salesforce doesn't say much about this and rightly so. The one thing I can say for certain is that all modern searching solutions which have a Machine Learning/AI component value strong fundamentals.