The AppExchange Whisperer

"I'm not going to lie, I'm shocked. Quite literally am surprised that the impact was that fast." 

Michael Vukovich - CEO, Wise Wolves 

New Logos, right now. 

That's what I provide Salesforce partners. 

No seminars, AEs, or enchanted prospect lists. 

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Optimizing AppExchange Listings

Are you struggling to maximize the potential of your AppExchange listings? Look no further. As a seasoned marketing leader with extensive experience in managing ISV and SI listings, I offer a comprehensive solution to elevate your visibility and drive new logos.

Unlocking  AppExchange Search

Understanding the nuances of the AppExchange search algorithm is crucial. With insights gained from managing numerous listings, I decode the algorithm and provide actionable recommendations to boost your listing's performance. 

Navigating the AppExchange Marketing Program (AMP)

Engaging with Salesforce teams can be daunting. With firsthand experience, I guide you through the process and recommend strategies to generate leads. AMP is proven to deliver results, and I ensure you make the most of this opportunity.

How It Works:

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Peter Ganza

 AppExchange Whisperer

Antoine Mathiaud

Sr Director, TomTom

 "I’ve been impressed by Peter's ability to creatively but also rigorously define and execute these different assignments related to lead generation and partner engagements."

Doug Crabb

COO, Duha Group

"He is always optimistic, and keen to get to the truth in any situation. Peter is very knowledgeable. He is also great to spend time with personally, which I had the great fortune of doing."

Tony Olvet


"A highly skilled marketer with tremendous experience and versatility. His positive attitude, creativity and communication skills are great assets. It has been an absolute pleasure working with Peter."